Young Women with Backpacks

youngWomanSpeak 6-Week Intensive

As parents, we spend a fortune on sports camps, SAT prep, coaching, counseling, and a variety of programs to prepare our children for college, career, and success in life. While all of these endeavors have their place, I invite you to consider these questions:

  • How does your teen communicate and what are their speaking habits like? 

  • How do they articulate in an interview? 

  • Do they communicate clearly and with confidence?

  • Will they effectively assert their ideas in a group setting? 

  • Can they stand up for themselves in a compromising situation? 

  • Does your teen’s strengths and personality shine when they express their thoughts and ideas? 


Equip your daughter for more with the youngWomanSpeak summer intensive - where teens learn skills for a lifetime  - confidence in communication matters!


  • A strong communicational skillset is a game changer for any youth who wants to stand out and excel. 

  • Empower your daughter by investing in her voice and the brilliance of her ideas. 

  • Provide her an encouraging space where dreams are shared, competence is celebrated, and struggles become the foundation for her ultimate success.