"Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure" – Aisha Ahmad

Update: April 17, 2020

This article builds upon Dr. Ahmad’s essay last month… it is equally beneficial. She does not sugar-coat nor does she deny - she is a pragmatist with a refreshing perspective. I’m such a fan and thought I would share.


Original Post: April 11, 2020

May this woman’s incredible article take center stage today. Please read this - because it changes everything. Things will never go back to “normal” and that may be ok.

Bravissima, Professor Aisha Ahmad!

A snippet to keep you reading:

“...ignore everyone who is posting productivity porn on social media right now. It is OK that you keep waking up at 3 a.m. It is OK that you forgot to eat lunch and cannot do a Zoom yoga class. It is OK that you have not touched that revise-and-resubmit in three weeks...Now more than ever, we must abandon the performative and embrace the authentic. Our essential mental shifts require humility and patience. Focus on real internal change. These human transformations will be honest, raw, ugly, hopeful, frustrated, beautiful, and divine. And they will be slower than keener academics are used to. Be slow. Let this distract you. Let it change how you think and how you see the world. Because the world is our work. And so, may this tragedy tear down all our faulty assumptions and give us the courage of bold new ideas…”

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