Luv this mentality...

In a sea of well-meaning, PR-driven emails - this had to be one of my pandemic favorites! Dutch Bros. nailed it… they get relationships and community. If you are familiar with their very unique style of peddling all things caffeine with an add-shot of friendly banter, then you know that Dutch Bros. is continually looking for ways to serve their community members, fundraise for causes, and just spread the “Dutch Luv.”  Here’s the phrase that piqued my interest:

Relationships are part of our DNA…our guiding principle is “Dutch Luv…’” that’s the lens through which we’re evaluating every step we take…

Pretty basic, but it caused me to look inward and ask all of you, 

What is the lens through which we are evaluating every step we take, every decision we consider? 

For me, it is this. What do I have the power to control and what am I powerless over? I've been struggling to micro-manage my loved ones because I feel out-of-control and helpless. NOT cool. My new lens asks, is this an appropriate time for me to provide service to another person or is it best to get out of the way?

What lens are you evaluating through?

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