All SpeakingREAL offerings are built with one goal in mind; to equip attendees with a more robust communicational skillset, ultimately enhancing their relationships in personal and professional settings. To put it simply - people want to feel seen, heard, and known - communication is key to a happier and more successful life. 


Strategies shared in a SpeakingREAL group training are intended for immediate application yielding a sense of being equipped and more competent and confident as communicators. Trainings are highly interactive (as opposed to being lectured to) and are designed based on the client’s expressed need: 


  • Offerings are formatted for in-person and online experience  


  • Workshops range in length and scope:

      • 60-90 minute workshop format

      • partial day breakout session

      • full-day and multi-day retreats for personal and professional development


SpeakingREAL curriculum and workshop offerings are as varied as the organizations who need them; in fact, our company is built upon the creation of new workshops driven by client specific requests for training! Our offerings cover the following topics, but we are not limited to these:


Overcoming Difficult Communications

Most of us have been on the receiving end of an awkward, painful, or derogatory comment or conversation. How do we respond when this happens? How often do we inadvertently or overtly engage in negative forms of communication? We can't fix something we don't identify; this workshop defines and addresses harmful communicational habits such as mansplaining, disparaging commentary, and the like.