The REALconversations Speaker Series originated out of my a passion for hearty conversations with people from a variety of backgrounds. I believe in exchanges that alter us - in stunning ways, and sometimes, little by little.


This is an opportunity listen to the experiences and thoughts of a diverse group of guest speakers (a different speaker every two months), each sharing on a new theme. I have the privilege of engaging in a candid conversation with the guest  and then invite our audience to jump in with the speakers and one another. Curious about my mindset as the founder of REALconversations




I adore this statement even as it hits me between the eyes. I realize that I have done these very things. I have talked at people. I have blathered on in an attempt to sound important. I have spoken in bold assertions with the hubris of an expert when I was simply arrogant, opinionated, and immature. Here’s the thing — I have personally determined that these habits must be undone and left behind. I have grown weary of the echo chamber and find others feel the same way.


The REALconversations Speaker Series is about listening to and learning from the people in our midst. It is about being agenda-free, growth oriented, and fostering healthy community and conversations as we pursue a relational, engaging, and authentic life!   


 “We resent being talked to. We’d rather be talked with. So will all of the ‘experts’ and the terminally self-absorbed please leave the room and close the door behind you? Thanks.” 

 -  Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations

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Joanna "Jo" Thomas