You are looking at a natural communicator and highly relational trainer and speaker. Whether you seek private coaching for a speaking engagement or want to strengthen your overall communicational skill set, I have a keen eye and ear for elements that may hinder your message. I assist by creating practical solutions to fill voids you may be experiencing; at the same time, I will build upon the communicational strengths you already possess. My goal? To increase your sense of confidence and competence as you speak in a variety of settings.


 I am also passionate about communication education and can introduce tailored curriculum to a wide range of organizations ranging from academia to the corporate setting…from community athletics to houses of faith and non-profits. 


I believe in the power of reliable leaders in today’s society. We all lead in some capacity, but the most effective leaders communicate well - with integrity, clarity, and relevance.


The bottom line is this -- our ability to communicate is essential to meaningful relationships, personally and professionally. My tagline is more than a catchy phrase. Being REAL is choosing a relational, engaging, and authentic life. To that end, I seek opportunities to teach and improve communication between individuals and within organizations.



-Jen Oliver Brown

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