6-Week Intensive

6-Week Intensive Curriculum - Level 1
How To Clarify Your Message & Share It Powerfully


This 6-week program is designed to rewire your nervous system around speaking; this includes sharing your truth in personal environments and using your voice in more public settings.

Our focus is to support you in transforming the tendency toward fear, resistance, and being in “performance mode” when it comes to speaking. Instead, you will begin to experience the feeling of being grounded, safe, connected, and authentic in your speaking.

You will learn some unorthodox practices that are core to what WomanSpeak is about. Each session provides unique opportunities to practice new skills while also clarifying key aspects of the wisdom, insights, and ideas that live inside of you.

Week 1: Sharing What You Believe

Getting clear on your WHY is absolutely crucial in drawing people to your message and your work.

Influencers have the ability to articulate a clear, powerful WHY that people can identify with and be inspired by. 

Week 2: The Change You Want to See in the World

Once we are clear on a situation that we wish to transform – be it an issue at work or a big problem facing the world – our audience is better positioned to resonate with our message.
Week 3: Sharing Your Most Powerful Ideas

This week we explore some of your most transformative ideas, the ones that help people shift their view on the world. Each woman learns to reveal a core instinct and the moment in her life when she came to realize her own shift in perspective.

Week 4: Your Diamond Insight

Get clear on the most salient, impactful points to share when speaking in a meeting, conversation, or talk/presentation. One of the biggest challenges in speaking can be determining what the core of our message is.

Week 5: Leaving Your Legacy

This week we explore how to deliver a talk on the legacy you want to leave in your family, company, community, or the world.

When you stand behind your vision and legacy, knowing the full value of its impact, people begin to know you for that idea. Communicating from this place is extremely powerful, highly mobilizing, and is a trademark of true leadership.

Week 6: How to Tell an Epic Story

This is vital in any speaking context – on a big stage, on panels, in team meetings, or at the dinner table! Stories and anecdotes are relatable making your talk more memorable, and therefore, impactful.

Additional Details: 

Upcoming Spring sessions March - April 2021 (Thursdays 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15)

Start your day feeling strong ~ join our daytime intensive on Thursdays from 11:30am-1pm PST 



End your day on a positive, empowering note ~ be a part of our evening intensive on Thursdays from 7-8:30pm PST     


Cost $590 for the entire 6-week intensive 


Sessions meet weekly on Zoom for approximately 90 minutes and are live and interactive.


Each workshop is recorded for attendee review and benefit.

Stay tuned for our Summer Intensive schedule which will include a special session created specifically for young women aged 12-18!  

Invest in yourself and join us!

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